Drinking and driving is a bad idea. It’s the one thing all of humanity can agree on. No matter what country you’re in there’s probably a law against throwing back several beers, sakes, vodkas or other libations and operating a motor vehicle.

• Australia, Canada, England and France are all similar to the U.S. — fines, suspended license, jail.

• Finland and Sweden automatically sentence drunk drivers to one year in jail with hard labor.

• South Africa drinking and driving gets you either 10 years in prison, a $10,000 fine or both.

• Get busted for drinking and driving in Turkey, they take you 20 miles outside of town and make you walk back with police escort.

• In Poland, you’re subject to jail, fines and — this is brilliant — mandatory attendance at political lectures.

• First time offender in El Salvador? Congrats, you’ve earned yourself death by firing squad.*

In this global effort to discourage drinking and driving, most countries have produced a PSA or two on the subject. I came across this gem from the Russian Health Ministry on Copyranter.

My Russian isn’t rusty. It’s nonexistent. According to Copyranter, “Hell Squirrel” had one too many and killed either his wife or a friend’s wife. Now suffering from acute alcohol psychosis, he’s rambling on about invisible spiders and singing Volga.

I think the creative team may have had one too many before coming up with this concept. However, being as the holidays are upon us, let us all remember the lesson of “Hell Squirrel.” Don’t drink and drive. You could wind up in a rubber room with a bad case of mange.

*According to the Amnesty International website, El Salvador banned execution by firing squad except in times of international war — the laws may have changed. Have a brewski and drive at your own risk. Should you find yourself in front of a firing squad, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

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