Meet my 7-year-old doppleganger, Katie. She has long blonde hair, wears glasses and sometimes a patch for a lazy eye. Katie got teased at school for being a Star Wars fan. (I told you, she’s my little blonde doppleganger!) Kids made fun of her Star Wars water bottle saying Star Wars was only for boys.

Once the story hit the blogosphere, Katie received thousands of comments and emails telling her it’s ok for girls to be into Star Wars. Read the CNN story for full details.

Katie’s school has declared tomorrow “Proud To Be Me Day.” Kids are encouraged to wear something that shows what their interested in — anime, comics, sports, whatever. There’s also a Facebook event “Support Star Wars and Geek Pride for Katie.”

Unfortunately, I never owned a Star Wars t-shirt. And my David Hasselhoff Knight Rider t-shirt is buried in a box somewhere in my parents attic. But I think I can find something to wear for the event…

Wonder Woman

7 thoughts on “Katie, I think you’re one cool chick.

  1. You also made a Darth Vader valentine box out of an oatmeal container. I have your wooden stool made in shop class in which you were the only girl in school that took shop. Don’t forget the Rocketry Club and your rockets you made and shot off in the school yard. You were my Katie and you make me proud!!!

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