The turtle who broke my heart.

I drew Tippy the Turtle. I never heard back from the Art Instruction Schools. I’ve tried to make up for this bitter disappointment over the years — a fine arts degree from the University of Oklahoma, marrying a professional illustrator. But alas, there is still a Tippy the Turtle shaped hole in my heart.

Learning to draw is hard, and it takes time. Wanting to draw when you’re stuck in the stick figure stage of your artistic development is frustrating. These print ads for Kalakar Studio are unique in that they don’t just show the end goal — a finished drawing. They show the development of the artist.

Bonus ad! This has to be my favorite Art Instruction Schools ad of all time! Learning to draw will get you chicks. Is that hilarious or what??! Oh wait, it worked for my husband.


3 thoughts on “Draw me!

  1. I drew the cocker spaniel. Then I couldn’t sleep waiting for the call that I was a genius. Finally, a few weeks later, a man with a briefcase knocked on the front door. He asked to see me. He presented the folded ‘test” in front of my mother and me. During the review, He said the fur rendering was lively enough. But I needed professional help. In the end, I was given only a “C” rather than the “A” I was sure I’d receive.

    How many other children have been permanently scarred by Art Instruction Schools? By accident, I found out that the man who owns the school happens to live in the same town in Vermont where I spent Thanksgiving. I was tempted to knock on HIS door and and let him know that I got nothing but A’s in REAL art school!

      • REALLY? You know, I worked on MetLife and drew comps in markers for 7 years to sell concepts to Schultz’s “people” (and then the client) all that time. They seemed to be very discriminating and finicky. I never knew that.

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