Have you noticed that everybody is jumping into the breakfast sandwich game? Once upon a time, you had two options for a morning fast food fix — Mickey D’s or, if you were over the age of 65, Hardee’s. (Hey, I was the one designing all of those 99¢ biscuit and gravy coupons. I know exactly who did and didn’t use ‘em!)

Then along came Carl’s Jr. and Sonic with breakfast menus followed more recently by Burger King, Subway and Dunkin’ Donuts. Now Caribou Coffee is entering the competition for your breakfast dollar with a new line of — what else — breakfast sandwiches.

To cut through the current breakfast sandwich clutter, Colle+McVoy in Minneapolis came up with a unique idea. They turned a Minneapolis bus shelter into a giant oven.

I know what your thinking. It’s a neat idea, but there’s something creepy about standing inside a large oven. Check this out, the glowing red heating coil at the top of the oven really does put out heat. According to Colle+McVoy the biggest technical issue was figuring out how to keep the giant heater from singing people’s hair.

Minneapolis has an average January temperature of only 13.1° F. With that kind of cold, I’ll gladly stand under a giant broiler while waiting for a bus. And then I’ll take that bus to a Caribou Coffee for a breakfast sandwich to show my appreciation.


2 thoughts on “The perfect thing for a cold Minneapolis morning, a giant oven.

  1. There’s got to be a way to turn one of the conveyor-belt ovens they have at Quiznos into something like this. Perhaps those moving walkways in airports?

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