At one time advertising was mostly limited to television, magazines, newspapers, billboards and radio — and the Duer real estate balloon if you lived in Oklahoma City. Beyond that, there was a lot of ad free space in the world.

Oh how times have changed!

Now it seems like every space is potential ad space. Mr. Yogato in Dupont will give you 10% off if you let them advertise on your forehead via rubber stamp. And yes, there’s even a company offering ad space on the moon.

I’m secretly waiting for the day when a client gazes at their ad emblazoned on the lunar surface and asks “Can we make the logo bigger?” No, we can’t. Why? Because it’s on the #*$%*#@ moon! (You’ll have to imagine me doing my best Lewis Black impersonation.)

So what’s the latest ad free space turned prime real estate for advertising?

Try public restroom mirrors. Yep, Chicago O’Hare Airport is rolling out mirror ads in public restrooms over the next two months.

Some potential products I think would be perfect for mirrorvertising —

Cosmetics, obviously.

Acne products, also obvious.

Sleep aids
Have you seen the bags under your eyes?

Anything with the Old Spice guy
Look at me. Look at you. Now back to me.

No doubt this isn’t the final frontier of advertising. As to what’s next, your guess is as good as mine.

2 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror on the wall…

    • Apparently it’s one long lightbox. From WaPo —

      The technology, developed by Submedia LLC, uses a long, thin light box mounted 600 feet inside each tunnel. Inside the light box are computer-generated images. Tiny slits on the outside of the light boxes turn the images into animated motion pictures, Submedia officials said.

      My personal favorite was the Coraline ad. Such a freaky movie, perfect for an ad in a dark tunnel.

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