Ugh, I’m going to show my age. I remember playing Star Wars Legos in kindergarten. Only back then, we didn’t have actual Star Wars Legos. All we had were the plain boring rectangular Legos, less than ideal when you’re trying to create an X-wing fighter. If I’m completely honest, I also remember getting into arguments with friends over the best blocks to create wings. That’s all water under Endor now. We’re friends on Facebook. It’s all ok. (But you know who you are. You know you were the one hogging the good wing blocks!)

I digress.

Before you can create an ad, you have to know your target audience. If you really want to drive a creative nuts, tell them the target audience is men and women between the ages of 18 and 64 — in other words everybody. The result is plain old vanilla advertising to the lowest common denominator.

If you’re not a creative type, think back to the last time you tried to go out to lunch with a large group of people. You probably wound up at a boring chain restaurant because someone in the group didn’t like Thai, Italian, sushi, spicy food, seafood, Indian or whatever.

So what happens when you radically narrow the target audience? What if your target audience was a select group of people who have seen Star Wars at least 745,389 times? If a wide target audience results in boring creative, what kind of creative do you get with a narrow target audience?

You get absolutely awesome creative!

Needless to say, I LOVE these Star Wars Lego print ads. They fall into that category my husband refers to as “It’s not who gets it. It’s if the right people get it.” in other words a very narrow target audience.

When your target audience is restricted to people who are in the know, familiar with the brand, the story, etc., there’s no set up, no lengthy background to write – just the joke. You walk into a room, deliver a zinger, and everyone busts out in laughter. It’s advertising among friends, and it’s fun to create.

These ads are brilliant! There is no copy. The product is the image. And since we’re advertising to Star Wars fans, there’s no need to remind them of plot details. Just take a scene, write a new punchline and BAM! Great ad.

Oh and these aren’t actual ads. They were done by students at an ad school in Brazil. I think my favorite is Han and Chewie. It’s just so ridiculously funny. Does anyone else find the slave Leia Lego a bit disturbing? A Lego in a bikini, really guys? Disturbing or not, my inner child wants more Star Wars Lego ads. Well done!

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