If the Norwegian Association of the Blind dropped the ball, than the Royal National Institute for the Blind just sent it out of the park. WOW!! This is a PSA to raise awareness about the limited availability of books for the visually impaired. And it does it in a big emotional way.

The only crack in this ad is that it assumes the viewer is somewhat familiar with the Chronicles of Narnia. I would counter that people who read the entire series (Turkish delight anyone?) are going to connect so strongly to this ad, they’ll be more likely than the average viewer to take action.

For anyone who loved these books, it’s heartbreaking to realize she doesn’t see the other side of the wardrobe. (I would have been through the wardrobe like a shot.) They also dodged some of the Norwegian controversy by stating on screen that Alexia is a real person and not an actor. (She’s also a Narnia fan!) You can even check out the making of the spot and Alexia’s story.

The call to action at the end is an interesting one — post the name of your favorite childhood story on our Facebook page. Some of you may remember several months ago when women were posting the color of their bra as their status update to raise awareness for breast cancer. There was much discussion that while it was a fun thing to do, it didn’t really pay off in any sort of actual clicks, fund raising, calls to Congress, etc. This is smarter in that to post your favorite childhood story on their page, you have to “like” them first — thus building a Facebook network. So far they’re only at 2,372 likes, but the ads just started running in the UK.

Correction, they’re at 2,373 likes. Oh, and Charlotte’s Web. : )



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