Design theory? Nada. Principles of good advertising? Narp. Creative strategy? Negative. This weeks blog post is a mishmash of random bits from around the web. Please don’t think this is a cop out blog post on my part. I’ve had a list of random ads and links for a few weeks now, just sitting on the desktop waiting to be set free. Today is the day. Here we go!

It’s all fun and games until the real doll gets her heart broken. (SFW)

Apparently this is an ad for the Czech Republic’s leading dating site. I wonder how many real dolls are shipped to the Czech Republic on an annual basis? On second thought, no — I don’t want to know.

Want fries with that shotgun? 

I honestly thought this was a fake ad. It’s not, and that scares me more than the gun-toting rednecks featured in the ad.

Finally! A way to liven up curling.

I’ve decided to start referring to curling as a gort — half game, half sport.

The return of Hell Squirrel!

If you’re not familiar with Hell Squirrel, check out the previous post. This has to be one of my all time favorite, jacked-up, what was the creative team on, completely random ads. It’s a squirrel suffering from acute alchohol phychosis in a PSA about drunk driving. That alone is nine kinds of awesome, but wait —

Now you can buy 80 proof Hell Squirrel vodka! 

Apparently the Ministry of Health didn’t bother to copyright Hell Squirrel and Rusinvest swooped into capitalize. I can just picture it — a Hell Squirrel vodka martini with an acorn for garnish. 

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