Time a trip to London just so I could have a Creme Egg Mc Flurry? That's crazy talk!

I love Cadbury Creme Eggs. They’re nine kinds of awesome. I have yet to try the Cadbury Creme Deviled Eggs recipe because the combination of Cadbury Creme Egg and my other favorite confectionary vice — buttercream icing — could result in the fabled ten kinds of awesome and my head might very well explode.

Did you know…
  • Creme Eggs were born in 1923.
  • They were initially sold at Fry’s Creme Eggs and rebranded Cadbury Creme Eggs in 1971.
  • There have been several different varieties available over the years including: Berry Creme Eggs, Mint Creme Eggs, Dream Eggs with white chocolate and white chocolate fondant filling and Creme Egg fondant in a cardboard tube. (OMG! Goo in a tube!!)
  • The Cadbury factory in Bournville has five giant Creme Egg cars.
  • In England, you can get giant Creme Eggs — sorta.*
  • You won’t see the clucking Cadbury bunny on TV in England.
It’s true. No clucking Cadbury bunny across the pond. The Cadbury Creme Egg commercials in England have traditionally taken a completely different route from their American counterparts. More recently, they’ve taken a turn for the wonderfully strange including some spots that feature Creme Eggs stripping off their foil wrappers and committing suicide with the tagline of “Hear today. Goo tomorrow.” That’s right, Cadbury Creme Egg suicides.
Being as Creme Eggs are only available from January 1 to Easter, this makes perfect sense. The tagline reminds the viewer that Creme Eggs are around for a short time only. As for having your confection commit suicide? Well, that makes sense too. Much like Marmite, most people either love or hate Creme Eggs. Why not make a series of ads that leave your audience saying “That’s gross.” or “What a waste of a perfectly good Creme Egg.”
Now if you’ll excuse me, I swear I heard the sound of a clucking Cadbury bunny in the living room earlier this morning.
*It’s not actually one giant pancreas-busting Creme Egg. It’s a chocolate shell with six Creme Eggs inside of it. Boo!

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