Hmmm...the guy next to Homer looks familiar.

Imagine you’re about to walk out the door. What do you have with you? Your keys, obviously, and probably your cell phone. Odds are, that cell phone includes a camera — maybe even video — along with email, Facebook app and maybe even the Tweetdeck. We’re all pretty much walking, talking communication centers ready to record something funny, weird or cute at a moments notice and share it with our social network.

Mickey D's breakfast shown actual size.

This is what makes ambient advertising so cool. It’s no longer limited to word of mouth. “Hey you wouldn’t believe the weird thing I saw this afternoon!” It’s visual. We see it. We photograph it. And we blast it to every relative, friend, work buddy and person on Facebook.

I smell Top Gear stunt!

I think some of the smartest ambient advertising being done right now takes advantage of the fact that we have a camera with us pretty much at all times. They allow the viewer to put themselves into the scene and take a picture.
If I were working on some sort of ambient advertising for a client, I would definitely take the “recordability factor” Into account. Does it allow for a photo opportunity? Does it move by slowly enough to allow someone to grab their phone and record it? I’d love to see a statistic along the lines of for every person who viewed X in person an average of Y people saw it on Facebook or via email.

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