Well this is awkward. The dear husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary then quickly fled to the nearest bunker anticipating the end of the world. (One of the perks of living in D.C, there’s a bunker under every city block and the PIN number on the security system is still 1776.) Now it appears May 22 is upon us and it looks like once again — someone miscalculated. But this doomsday wasn’t like all of the other miscalculated doomsdays before it. Nope, this one came with advertising and that made it awesome. So before we start gearing up for December 21st 2012, let’s take a look back at the pre-apocalypse that didn’t exactly lead to the apocalypse.

Big events demand a “save the date” notice.


That unnecessary ellipses makes me want to cry mightily.

Who doesn’t love Christmas? Too bad you won’t be here to see it.


So what can we expect when the world really does end?

There’s gonna be a Chupa Chups shortage.


Unlocking your car could become a lot more challenging.

Buy a Lamborghini and avoid the whole darn thing.

So there ya go. The gauntlet has been thrown down. The date is set. Here’s to a great run-up to 2012!

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