If you know me, you know exactly what I’m talking about. If you don’t know me, you probably think I’m nuts.

What exactly is the Severed Chicken Head Concept? It’s where the spokescritter or character is the product intended for consumption.

Years ago, Saturday Night Live did a spoof ad for the Cluckin’ Chicken. (You can watch it on Hulu here.) The ad features a disembodied animated chicken head talking about how he goes from live chicken to your plate.

A funny thing happened after I saw the spoof ad, I started seeing Severed Chicken Heads everywhere.

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Obviously the big question is can you successfully make the Severed Chicken Head Concept work? Absolutely! You’ve heard of M&Ms? It works for one simple reason, they acknowledge that having an edible spokescandy is weird. After that, anything goes.

And now the most disturbing M&Ms ad ever made.

So keep your eyes open for Severed Chicken Heads. (Have you seen the new Hot Pockets Side Shots commercial?) Trust me, you won’t be able to ignore them after reading this post.

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