I love George Takei. Why, you ask? Because he’s a completely awesome human being.

Everybody knows George Takei as Sulu on Star Trek. In a 2005 interview for Frontiers magazine, George came out as a gay Asian-American, but the truth is, he didn’t really come out. George Takei kicked down the door, got involved, and has been involved ever since.

His latest crusade is in the state of Tennessee. The Tennessee State Legislature — in all of its infinite wisdom — is considering a bill that would ban teachers from discussing any gay issues with students or in the classroom. It’s basically the “don’t say gay” bill.

So in other words, students who may be gay or have a gay family can’t turn to a trusted teacher or educator if they’re being bullied or need to talk to someone.

The bill’s sponsor, Stacey Campfield (R), says it’s all because “homosexuals don’t naturally reproduce.” Stacey Campfield meet George Takei.

From a political strategy standpoint, this is brilliant. Humor is a powerful vehicle for a message, but it can be tricky. The wrong messenger, tone, or punchline and it can backfire. George Takei gets everything right. It’s a funny video with a serious message that makes the Tennessee State Legislature look like shortsighted morons.

This campaign isn’t over. The bill passed the state senate, but it’s unlikely that the house will take up the legislation until 2012. So make sure you visit the website. (Buy a t-shirt. We did!) Post the video on Facebook. Help get the word out.

And if you live in Tennessee, contact your state legislator — just click here.

Come on guys! We need to let LGBT students in Tennessee know that it’s ok to be Takei.

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