This is pretty darn cool. If you’ve ever been to or lived in Washington, D.C., you’ve no doubt seen our Metro map. For those of you who haven’t been to D.C., the map is simple, straightforward and easy to understand. It works in just about every format from big poster to small pamphlet and  — considering it was designed over 30 years ago — it’s not too bad on an iPhone. In other words, it’s well designed and has stood the test of time.
The original design for the Metro map was created in 1976 by Lance Wyman. But times, they are a changin’. Plans are underway for a new Silver Line to Dulles. The Blue Line is going to split. And there’s the eternal rumor of a Purple Line in Maryland. The map will have to change. How do you update an icon? You bring back the original designer, duh.
Yep that’s right, now 73-year-old Wyman is returning to design the new map. According to an article in the Washington Post, he’s worried about the same issues that concern every designer.
What shade of silver should he use?
FYI, Silver Line isn’t official as of yet. It could change.
How much space should be between each station?
Should the names be hyphenated or use slashes?
This is a biggie. The proposed new station names are looooooong.
How do you work all of this info around those pesky monument icons?
If you’re a designer, then definitely check out this chat with Mr. Wyman over at the Washington Post. He talks about issues, inspiration and challenges in designing the new map.

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