I don’t know about you, but when I was a kid Old Spice was a joke. I remember one year at camp some unlucky guy was found to be in possession of a bottle. The aftershave was quickly confiscated and turned into a makeshift of fountain of Old Spice that left the guys side of the cabin reeking for days. Needless to say, the Old Spice turnaround is nothing short of an advertising miracle.

The success of the campaign is due in large part to a great marriage between smart copy and the personality of the Old Spice guy himself, Isaiah Mustafa. But here’s a nagging question, does he have legs? No, I’m not trying to sneak a peek under that bath towel. I mean does the campaign have legs?

Whether or not an idea has legs is a fundamental question every creative needs to ask themselves. There’s nothing wrong with a one-off idea, as long as a one-off idea is all the client wants. If you come up with a great idea that doesn’t extend into additional spots or carry over into other forms of media, you could be creating yourself into a corner.
Look at the Old Spice guy.
Look at the blog.
Look at the Old Spice guy.
Now back to the blog.

Obviously the Old Spice guy works on TV and the web. It’s also not hard to imagine the campaign working in radio. But what about print? How do you carry something so personality based and dialogue driven onto flat, printed media without losing anything? Release the art directors!


Brilliant! The print ads, and the corresponding new ad campaign, carry over the same attitude and spirit of the original. Old Spice managed to add another layer visually while keeping the Old Spice guy at the center of the campaign.
One last thing, does Old Spice still smell like Old Spice? Do I want my man to smell like the man my man could smell like? Just wondering.






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