You knew this day would come — at some point on this blog we were going to have to discuss the marketing and advertising of — you know — girl stuff. Being as advertising history was made this week, I say why not now. Behold, I give you the history making ad.
See that red dot? Yep, that’s it. Up until now, feminine hygiene products have been demonstrated and marketed with some sort of weird blue liquid. But an actual red dot? That my friends is history in the making.
Seeing American advertising history unfold before my eyes got me wondering. What do feminine hygiene product ads look like in other countries? Tell Aunt Flo to pack her bags. We’re going on a trip.
France: Tampax
The scene before the opening scene of Jaws.
OB: Switzerland
Two things that should never, EVER be combined — tampons and Twilight.
Australia: Kotex
The Kotex beaver??! Are they serious?? OMG, I’M DYING!! Feminine hygiene ads shall now cease, for they have been done to perfection.
‘Cause you know you want more of the Kotex beaver. The original spot is here.

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