For the two people reading this blog who don’t know what my husband does for a living, he’s a professional illustrator. Currently he’s penciling GI Joe: A Real American Hero. You can check out his blog here. A few months back, we spent the evening with several fellow illustrators including Matt Wuerker, cartoonist for the Politico, and Richard Thompson, creator of Cul de Sac.
So what do professional illustrators do when they get together beyond comparing pencils, bemoaning the lack of quality ink nibs, and cajoling each other into signing books? They play Pictionary, of course.
You might think that playing Pictionary with a bunch of illustrators would be like playing Scrabble with the winner of the National Spelling Bee — not a snowball’s chance in hell of winning — and you’d be wrong. Pictionary is about drawing fast, not drawing well. Illustrators have a tendency to get caught up in shading, perspective, and preportion. So when I came across these Pictionary ads from Mylasia, I just had to laugh, so true. Call me when you guys want a rematch. ; )

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