Ah, food advertising, it’s the fine art of creating a feast for the eyes that hopefully results in customers opening their wallets. I’ve actually done a lot of food advertising in my career. If there is one golden rule, it’s to make the product look appetizing. But rules are made to be broken. So let’s look at some food and food related ads that break the rules.

It’s bread. It’s abs. It’s bread. It’s abs. I’m not sure that I’ve ever looked at a six-pack on a guy and thought “crusty, hot out of the oven loaf.”


Quick (France)
When I think of France, I think of really great food, incredible wine, and creepy, stringy, spider-webby cheese. I’m not sure you could make a burger look less appetizing.

Dills Digestive Mints (Belgium)
Should you ever be invited for steak at my house, you have four options as to how you would like your steak cooked:

Medium Rare
You’re insulting the cow. Get out of my house.

But I’ve never served racing car tartare. Hmm, there’s a first time for everything!

Wait, late entry from Burger King and it’s more food abs. You know what this means, right? Second time, it’s a trend.

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