Admit it, at some point in your life, your mom asked “Did you wash your hands?” — and you answered back “Yes!” knowing your hands hadn’t seen soap and water in at least 24 hours. Play in the dirt, pet a few stray dogs, climb all over the jungle gym, grab that PB&J and chow down. Germs? If you can’t see them, they must not be there.

The problem with showing microscopic germs is that no matter how horrific you make them, we just can’t relate. Check out this Domestos ad from the UK. Yes, that’s William Defoe doing the voice over. It’s really freaky, but there’s still a big gap between germs in commercial and germs in real life.

That’s why these ads for Lifebuoy Hand Wash are brilliant! Instead of showing freaky germs, they show something we can relate to — the last thing we touched. No one wants a slice of pug loaf, a cat croissant, or a hamster cupcake. It’s a great execution that makes something intangible very tangible to the audience.

One thought on “Did you wash your hands?

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