I’ve seen several ads as of late that deal with inside versus outside. For those unfamiliar with the concept, watch this episode of Monsterpiece Theater. Now let’s look at some ads.

Yin Yang Martial Arts School, Slovenia

What’s inside is more than what you see outside. I’m in print ad heaven! Love. These. Ads. This is such a clever way to show the intangible benefits of martial arts training.

Nutripro Cachupin, Chile

What’s inside doesn’t have to cost a lot. Somewhat the opposite of the Yin Yang ads, these use a similar approach to demonstrate value.

Pro Infirmis, Switzerland

What’s outside shouldn’t matter at all. WOW! Such a simple concept, but such a powerful message.

So the next time you hit a wall brainstorming, try the usual tricks — look at the problem from the opposite angle, make the problem bigger, make the problem smaller — and try looking at it from the inside versus the outside.

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