We’ve all seen before and after ads. It’s a common technique in advertising.

Before: Zit faced teenager
After: A perfect peaches and cream complexion!

Before: Overweight housewife
After: MILF in a bikini!

Before: Normal looking guy
After: Zombie Boy!!


Meet Rico Genest, also known as Rico the Zombie or Zombie Boy. Eighty percent of Rico’s body is covered with tattoos of a skeleton and decomposing corpse as part of a full-body tattoo project.

Meet Dermablend. If you’re not familiar with Dermablend, it’s a line of professional makeup known for its ability to cover just about anything, and still be wearable.

Bring the two together and you have one crazy-amazing before and after ad.

And yes, there is a behind the scenes video as well.

I love the fact that the video is done backwards. We see Rico as a normal looking guy first — which is the whole point of Dermablend. You’re not supposed to know it’s there. This wouldn’t have nearly the impact if we saw the process then saw the reveal. It’s one more thing to consider when you’re working on any creative involving a timeline. Where’s your greatest point of impact, and what’s happening at that point?

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